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READ FIRST! Application process

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READ FIRST! Application process

Post by BlindTru on February 9th 2011, 10:54 am

Welcome to Endeavour Gaming

After registering

At this moment in time you are an ‘apprentice’(pink) which means you’re not yet a full member. If you can only see 4 or 5 sections of the forum this means you have not yet posted an application, you must first post an application to access all the other areas of the forum available to Apprentices.

How to become a full member (Casual)

After posting an application, you must wait for a response from a Director(blue) or a member of Security(red) to either accept or deny your application.

If your application is accepted your apprenticeship will begin, this consists of a 7 day probation period and having atleast a forum post count of 10 without spamming.

Becoming Competitive (quick access)

We have a quick system for people whom want to try and become competitive without having to wait the full 7 days to join a regional team. This is not compulsory, you may follow the standard process and apply for a Squad/team at a later date.

The system is simple, if you can manage to book a tryout with a regional Squad Leader via PM within the first 7 days of probation and attend the tryout, you maybe promoted to a team early, if the Squad Leader wants you. This still requires being active on the forum via posting and creating threads.

If you have any questions regarding our squads please feel free to post them in the  Go Competitive section, this area might not be available till after posting an application.


Platform (PS/XBOX/PC):
Online I.D:
Real First Name:
Country of residence:
Any past teams/clans:
Competitive or casual:
How did you find us?
Why are you here?


Thankyou for choosing Endeavour!
-EnD Team

Proud director of EnD


Platform : PS3
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Posts : 2469
Join date : 2011-01-22
Age : 30
Location : Köln, Germany
Mic/Headset : Yes

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